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  1. New
    The Akkermansia Company Weight Control

    The Akkermansia Company Weight Control

    Weight control* with normal blood sugar level**

  2. ImmuDefense Forte

    ImmuDefense Forte

    Supports the immune system (with bèta glucans)

  3. MetaRelax

    MetaRelax tablets

    At times of stress and tiredness

    Good for the muscles

  4. CurcuDyn Forte

    CurcuDyn Forte

    For supple joints and muscles and to support the cartilage
  5. Bdyn (B-Dyn)

    Bdyn (B-Dyn)

    Supports the nerve system, the homocysteine metabolism and helps in the event of tiredness
  6. MetaDigest Total

    MetaDigest Total

    Supports digestion in a natural way
  7. CurcuDyn


    For supple joints and muscles and to support cartilage
  8. MetaSleep


    Helps get the patient to sleep

    Promotes a natural and healthy night’s

  9. No longer available
    Probactiol duo

    Probactiol duo

    Supports natural bowel movements and natural resistance

    Replaced by:

  10. New
    Maca 500

    Maca 500

    Peruvian ginseng

  11. Indolplex


    Source of DIM (diindolylmethane)

  12. MetaViva


    High Impact multi-nutrient formula

183 results